About the Trust

SRI VASAVI SHANTIDHAMA - A Registered Public Charitable Trust, is situated over 5 acres of luxurious ambience of grace, poise, piety, pleasantry and cleanness is visible everywhere with vibrant environment.

The main aim of our institution is to unite people who have common goal of reaching positively to the problems of the Society and to inspire them to take up the works of Charity and Social Service.

Humanitarian work is what we can give to the Society. The Service rendered from Society to the State and from the State to the Country is ultimately the worship of God.

Our trust has five-acre vast land in Alanahalli attached to Mysore city. We have already prepared plans to undertake useful social work here. Gradually, stage by stage, we have been completing our projects.

Shantidhama was started with the main aim of Serving the Elderly People.

It is our practice to consider the birth of man as the beginning of Sun; Boyhood , youth and life of family holder as the middle period and the remaining period as the evening of life.

Life after getting old is no more a burden, here in fact it is wortth living with the amenities exclusively created for senior citizens.

Sri Vasavi Shantidhama
Senior Citizens Home
Alanahalli – Nadanahalli Road,
Off Ring Road, Alanahalli Extention,
Mysore 570028.

E: shantidhama1999@gmail.com
M: +91 86606 21262